Traffic Management

Perfect solution for traffic agencies looking to introduce technologies to automate their traffic services, tasks, and procedures.

Deploying DIMENSIONS Traffic Management helps traffic departments to achieve safer roads and safer community, better delivery of traffic services, vehicle smuggling prevention, advanced policing and law enforcement, citizen empowerment through access to information; in other words, it provides a complete efficient traffic management environment.

Dimensions is the right partner for Governments who are looking for long-term partnerships. We have the knowledge of how to finance & implement Large-Scale National Programs; to form partnerships & implement creative Public Private Partnership Programs such as Build-Operate-Transfer or Revenue Share.


Due to our vast experience with traffic departments, their needs, and challenges, We are very proud and confident in our ability to design and deliver special projects like the traffic management system. Since the traffic management is a vital project for any country, DIMENSIONS applies the latest technologies and practices to provide the traffic departments with a very high secure and automated environment.

DIMENSIONS Program provides an end-to-end solution that encompasses from everything that is required to implement a Nation-wide Traffic Management System; from the processes, the service centers, the infrastructure, data centers, all the hardware & software applications required, not to mention,  the consulting, implementation, support & training to transition this into operational activities. Everything is provided by DIMENSIONS to ensure this is implemented and successfully run for many years

Traffic Departments PROGRAM

To ensure the successful implementation, delivery, and operations of any program, a steering committee is formulated to design the program and manage its implementation.

  • State-of-the-art Solution where latest technologies and methodologies have been employed
  • Central Nation-wide Traffic Database (Drivers Bio and Non Bio Data, Vehicles, fines, and others)
  • One Record-One Driver Approach.
  • A turnkey solution that manages the full cycle of all traffic services and procedures
  • 100% secure licensing (Drivers, Vehicles, Plates), and fraud is eliminated
  • Long Term partnership programs to minimize customer investments
  • Highly compliant with international standards (PK/, SSL, MRTD, ISO)

DIMENSIONS Traffic Management is a comprehensive modular solution that efficiently manages the full cycle of all traffic services, tasks, and procedures. Depending on your requirements, our offerings may include any-to-all of the following modules & services:


  • Traffic Information System Platform
  • Driver License Issuing system
  • Vehicle License Issuing System
  • Plate License Issuing System
  • Vehicle Inspection System
  • Traffic Violation Radars
  • Automated Number Plate Recognition
  • Toll Gate Management System
  • Parking Management System
  • Central Control and Operation Unit
  • Law Enforcement System


  • Smart Driver License Issuance
  • Vehicle License Issuance
  • Plate License Issuance
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Traffic Fees Collection
  • Tolling Services
  • Vehicle Smuggling Prevention
  • Policing, Surveillance, and Law Enforcement

Benefits & Features

  • Efficient: DIMENSIONS Traffic Management is a unified platform that allows traffic department and other government allies to perform the traffic services (Licensing, Inspection, Traffic Violation Detection, Law Enforcement, Tracking, and Policing) in a secure and integrated environment very efficiently.
  • Secure: DIMENSIONS Traffic Management applies security features on two levels; Licensing security by applying the latest and highest data security features in the secure document industry to insure the optimal data protection against fraud and forgery. System security in terms of data security and encryption, secure data exchange between traffic department and other stakeholders, or other systems involved in the traffic services (Public Key Infrastructure, Secure Socket Layer SSL).
  • Scalable: Multi-Tier Architecture to guarantee future scalability and growth in terms of volume of databases, services, transactions, applicants etc. Global Biometric Interoperability: the produced licenses can store digital fingerprints, facial and iris scans on different types IC chips according to ICAO/ISO 14443 allowing the stored data to be readable by different control systems.
  • Reliable: Ensure the highest level of Real Time transaction processing, message queuing and delivery. DIMENSIONS uses the best practices to ensure a constant high availability of Traffic Management (clustering, load balancing, failover, high availability plan).
  • Compliance: DIMENSIONS Traffic Management complies with the international standards in terms of document size, visible data, machine readability, chips and biometric functions, digital signature, data encryption, PKI, SSL, and other advanced data and systems integrity practices.
  • Modular: DIMENSIONS Traffic Management is a modular solution where only required modules are deployed onto existing systems through a comprehensive middleware integration module. Customizable: DIMENSIONS Traffic Management is a highly customized solution, yet it is powerful to meet the evolving needs of traffic authorities.

Traffic Management

Perfect solution for traffic agencies looking to introduce technologies to automate their traffic services, tasks, and procedures.
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