Identity Management

Solution efficiently manages the full cycle of secure document issuance for documents like Passports, National IDs, eVisas etc.

DIMENSIONS Identity Management is Fully Automated Biometric System that was designed and developed by DIMENSIONS professional team to meet the requirements of any Immigration/ Passport department. The system provides the users the ability and the technical capacity to manage all the transactions and services related to Enrollment, Verification and Back ground Check, and Issuance of all Identity Documents (NID Card, Passport, Visa Sticker) more rapidly and effortlessly.

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Identity Management is a modular solution that efficiently manages the full cycle of document issuance from pre-enrollment to post issuance. It allows governments to issue any type of identity document; ID cards, Passports, Visa Stickers, Visitors ID Cards, and all other Documents and Certificates in a secure and integrated environment.

Information is dynamically updated, providing concerned users with the most current data about these transactions. The IMS increases the productivity of the officers as the system eliminates the time-consuming manual documentation and processing. IMS was developed to manage all Identity Documents Issuing related processes, quickly and efficiently. It also securely connects and integrates between different departments or teams involved in the Issuing processes; thereby the IMS eliminates redundancies and expedites data sharing among the different departments, and automates the production environment that improves data reliability and productivity.

Main Services

  • Biometric National ID Cards
  • Biometric Passports
  • eVisa
  • Visitor Identity Cards
  • Civil Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Death etc)
  • Other Secure ID Cards (Government ID Cards, etc)

Features & Benefits

  • A Turnkey solution that manages the full cycle of all Identity Documents (NID, Passport, eVisa, Birth Certificate etc) from pre-enrollment to post issuance
  • State-of-the-art Solution where latest technologies and methodologies have been employed
  • Issued documents are 100% secured, and fraud is eliminated
  • The proposed IMS complies with international standards in terms of document size, visible data, machine readability, chips and biometric functions, digital signature, data encryption, PKI, and other advanced data and systems integrity practices. DIMENSIONS IMS highly complies, but is not limited to, the following International Standards for Identity Documents:
    1. ICAO Compliant Logical Data Structure Toolkit (recent version)
    2. ICAO Compliant Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) module (recent version)
    3. Read/write mechanism including compliance with ICAO BAC/EAC standards
    4. ICAO/ISO compliant contactless IC readers/writers (ISO 14443 type A/B chips)
    5. All hardware necessary to implement the IMS PKI infrastructure as per ICAO standards 
    6. Biometric Passport books, ID cards, Visa Stickers and/or IC inlays
    7. One-Step personalization printer
  • Central Nation-Wide Civil Registry Database for all Citizens and Residents of DRC. The Database will include all Bio and non Bio data, Birth, Death, and other Civil Data
  • Efficiency: the proposed IMS is a unified platform that allows governments to issue all Types of Identity Documents (Passports, NID, Visa, etc) in a secure and integrated environment
  • Security: the proposed IMS provides the latest and highest security features in the secure document industry to insure the optimal data protection against fraud and forgery.
  • Global Biometric Interoperability: the proposed IMS is a reliable platform that stores digital fingerprints, facial and iris scans on different types IC chips according to ICAO/ISO 14443 allowing the stored data to be readable by different boarder control systems.
  • Allows other Systems to share the data in the IMS
  • Online, Real time, and automated application
  • Designed with multiple levels of security to prevent unauthorized access to data or systems
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • User friendly application that requires minimal users training efforts, as well its available as Mobile App
  • Centralized and integrated platform for enhanced management and productivity
  • Public service oriented design offering full range of subsystems covering online data entry, enrollment, electronic payment, and internet services

System Modules

  • FRONT END: The IMS is a web portal application, giving access to all users through a centralized platform. The IMS user will enjoy an interactive workspace where the users, whether they are data entry users, Applicants, Enrollment Users, or Verification Users, can easily navigate between screens and achieve work in few click-steps. The Front-end module is available on smart mobiles and handheld devices.
  • ENROLLMENT: Enrollment Module is responsible for capturing all the required information and supportive documents for an IMS application. 
  • VERIFICATION: any IMS process must be verified on two levels and at two different stages. Documents verification, where the verification users confirms that all required data and supportive documents are in place and correct; whereas the second verification level is the background check, where in this stage the verification users usually checks the eligibility of the applicant to apply for such IMS service.
  • ARCHIVING: Archiving the supportive documents for each transaction is very important in any Identity Management issuing process, the Archiving module offers very powerful tools to archive such documents easily and fast, create their metadata, indexing and hashing, then storing them in the advanced Document Management Module which is the centralized Digital Registry of the IMS.
  • WORKFLOW: The Workflow module, or engine, facilitates the automation of the Identity Management Processes by transforming the manual or semi-automated business processes into fully automated workflows. All functions of Identity Management are streamlined to increase the processing ratio of transactions and improves the performance of the employees.
  • Additionally, the Workflow module is supported by a Workflow designer allowing Identity Management departments to design, configure, modify, and reconfigure their workflows as easy as drag and drop wizard.
  • ISSUANCE: the Issuance Module is responsible for issuing the different types of Identity Documents; ie Passports, NID, Visas, Civil Certificates. The issuance transactions are automatically controlled by the system to prevent any issuing attempt prior getting all the required approvals.
  • BILLING: The Billing Module is responsible for billing and collection of the service Fees. Also, the Billing module is responsible for the integration with the bank to allow collection by credit cards, cheques, and wire transfers.
  • REPORTING: The Reporting Module is a standard dashboarding and reporting tool to deliver a Business Intelligence Solution.  The main objective of this module is to have a complete integrated business performance reports and dashboard for the management, leaders, administrators of Identity Management Departments, and other stakeholders that would enable them to view the information of the issuing process in actionable analytics. Also, the Reporting Module offers built-in reports allowing the IMS users to pull out transactional reports such as Passport Issuing History Report, Visa Issuing History Report, Back ground Report, and much more.
  • ADMINISTRATOR: This module allows the administrator users to configure the IMS. In other words, the system administrator can manage and control users, groups, and workflows. Also, the administrator can create and schedule performance and audit reports.

System Processes

  • Pre-Enrollment
  • Enrollment
  • Verification
  • Production
  • Post-Production

Identity Management

Solution efficiently manages the full cycle of secure document issuance for documents like Passports, National IDs, eVisas etc.
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